Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions

You stay in your teacher's home and have individual lessons, usually in the mornings. You continue to use the language during meals and typical family activities and/or during any of the optional extra activities or the special activities from our Combined Programmes (Sports, Culture, Leisure, Farmstay or Christmas/New Year).

Our students are school children, university students, professionals or simply adults enjoying a different kind of holiday.

Our students come from all age groups (from 9 to 90) and all possible backgrounds and countries throughout the world.

Most of our students are children and we are very experienced in caring for them. Parents can be reassured that their children will be met at the airport (obligatory for under 16s) and will stay and study in a safe family environment, often with the teacher's own children. We also offer a Cocooning Option (closer supervision for the under 18s).

There are no upper age limits and we have had students aged 80 years or more. The key for us is to find retired teachers who prefer to host the more mature student with whom they have more in common. Business and professional people often find our courses most useful when visiting a foreign country for business or for a professional conference, as they find that a couple of weeks spent learning the language of the country they are visiting repays itself 100-fold by impressing the foreign business partners or congress delegates with a working knowledge of the language.

HLI has over 2,000 experienced language teachers with a university degree (or equivalent) and/or a teaching qualification throughout the world. They may be teachers working part or full-time in a school, retired teachers or people who worked in a different field before beginning teaching. Such a variety of backgrounds makes it easier for us to place students with the right teacher.

We take the greatest care to learn as much as possible about our students and our host families so that we can find teachers of similar backgrounds to the student and very often with similar interests such as golf, tennis, classical music or other hobbies. Please try to enrol at least one month in advance so that we can be sure of selecting exactly the right family for you.

In each area we have experienced Local Organisers who contact students shortly after arrival to see that they are happy. On very rare occasions there can be a clash of personalities. When the Local organiser asks if the student is happy the student only has to answer 'Yes' or 'No' and does not have to give any embarrassing reasons for wishing to change host family. All teachers know that on very rare occasions the chemistry is just not right and that in such cases the family will be changed with no bad feelings. Changes can also be made in the case of illness or accident.

Home Language International is truly a worldwide organisation. See the complete list of countries, areas and languages available.