Advice for your stay with Home Language International
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Advice for your stay

  • We recommend you bring at least £60, €85 or US$85 spending money per week. EU students travelling to an EU country are advised to get the European Health Insurance Card.
  • All students are advised to have personal insurance to cover any cancellation, loss of property etc.
  • Activities: We strongly recommend all students, especially the younger ones to book activities, as these allow them to practice what has been studied during the lessons and work on conversational skills whilst enjoying themselves. Keeping the younger students occupied contributes to making the stay successful. School holidays may not be on the same dates as in your home country so the children in the host family may be at school during your stay.
  • You should contact the host family by phone or email at least one week before your stay. Our host families would like to learn more about you, your food preferences, language level and what you are expecting from your course. This will help them prepare better for your stay.
  • Families in a foreign country may not have the same way of living as you. There may be different rules, food and living conditions. You should be ready to accept cultural differences in order to get the most out of your stay.
  • Smoking: In many countries you cannot smoke in public areas (bars, restaurants etc.). Very often, our host families do not allow smoking in the house. If there are smokers in the host family they will often smoke outside or only in a specific area in the house. When you book your course you can tell us if you prefer a non-smoking family.
  • Parents: We advise parents to ask their children to limit the use of smartphones, laptops or tablets since frequent communication with friends and family in their mother tongue will affect their full-immersion experience.